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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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Did you know that the atoms that make you are completely replaced every ~7 years?
I know that's one of those many inaccurate factoids that most people assume are true because they've heard it many times, like the old "we use 10 percent of our brains" myth. In fact, different body tissues are replaced at different rates. Some cells, like blood and skin and stomach lining, are constantly being shed and replaced, while others, like heart and brain cells, and of course stem cells, stay with us throughout our lives. Every woman is born with her ovaries containing thousands of egg cells, only a few hundred of which will go through ovulation before she dies, so those cells and their constituent atoms are with her throughout her entire life. The atoms within cells can be replaced at varying rates, but many of those replacement atoms will be recycled from elsewhere within our own bodies. Studies of people born before and after atomic testing increased the amount of carbon-14 in the atmosphere have shown that in the former category, most of the DNA in their neurons had carbon isotope ratios consistent with the atmosphere before nuclear testing, proving that most of their neurons were formed in childhood. That proves their neuronal DNA molecules were still made of the same atoms they'd been made of decades before.

As long as you keep making assumptions without having read the book, you'll just embarrass yourself further.
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