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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Even aside from the inevitable outrage that casting a white actress as Amanda Waller would provoke, I'm surprised you'd suggest that Keith David reprise Despero and not go with the even more natural suggestion that CCH Pounder reprise Waller. She may not have the bulk for the character, but she's more than proven that she's perfect for the role in every other way.
I've got to admit, in the case of Amanda Waller, it's not a case of "Who's proven for the role" rather than "Who would I'd like to see in that role at least once". And since we've not seen, but at least heard Pounder's Waller (and she was great, no arguing there), I just thought I'd like to see Bates tackle that role.

As for the racial thing, some right-wing nuts nobody takes seriously who themselves are taken seriously aside, I didn't think it was that much of an issue. Comic characters changing skin color for adaptions has been going on since, as far as I remember, "Spawn"'s Terry Fitzgerald, and has been going on with characters such as Kingpin, Commissioner Loeb, (seemingly) Ra's al Ghul, Nick Fury (although, granted, Ultimate Nick Fury predated movieverse Nick Fury), Heimdall, and most recently, Perry White. I'm not going to take any controversy over a character changing race for an adaption seriously anymore, except if it's a character with an iconic look (like Superman) or when the race is important to the character (like Black Panther).

As for Keith David, I just like him very much, and I think he deserves to be in a big blockbuster movie, especially as the main villain.

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Kai "the spirit" wrote: View Post

Amanda Waller - Kathy Bates

Waller has to be intimidating, and there's no actress who can do that quite like Bates.
Or... you know...Angela Bassett.
Wether they're going to reboot GL completely or not, that version of Waller should be retconned either way. It's not as if the character was very memorable, anyway.

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Morena Baccarin, is awesome, and there are many times I would put her name forward, but, I don't think she is built right for Wonder Woman. In all the portrayals I can think of, Wonder Woman is a full figured, meaty girl (Not fat by any means, but, thicker). Morena is very skinny (Or at least was in V, SG-1 and Firefly)
Male actors normally build up for their superhero roles, why should Baccarin not be able to do that?

[QUOTE}Simon Baker is already 44, and doesn't look as Fresh Faced as that pic anymore. Should a first look at Flash be that old? A Trilogy, often takes 7 to 10 years, would Flash be OK to be 56+ year old actor in the third Movie?[/QUOTE]

Well, the accident in the lab could have happened in Barry's 40s. Who said all superheroes have to be 20-40?
I'm not following The Mentalist, but he looked okay in Margin Call.

Besides, there are many actors who played action roles well into their 50s, and beyond. And even if, we could go from Barry to Wally (screw the New52).

Nevertheless, none of my suggestions are written in stone, they are just my current picks. If someone comes up with someone I deem better suited, I'm changing my opinion. As easy as that.

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Tahmoh Penikett looks like he was drawn by Frank Quitley.
Gotta be the mouth.

I've just learned that Penikett will appear in MoS. Depending on how large his role will be, I might have to recast Batman.
Daddy wear red trunks!

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