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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Art. Commander Data enjoyed painting during his time aboard the Enterprises-D and -E.
B is for Beagle. Captain Archer enjoyed playing with his Beagle, Porthos, in his spare time. Just don't feed him any cheese.
C is for Cardassians. They spent much of the 24th century in direct or indirect conflict with the Federation and other powers.
D is for Dominion, the rulers of the Gamma Quadrant.
E is for Eggs. Will Riker kinda sucked at cooking them into an omelette.
F is for Fencing. Guinan and Picard shared a few matches on the holodeck.
G is for Gowron. Chancellor of the Klingon High Council for almost a decade.
H is for Heisenberg compensators. Vital component of the transporter system.
I is for Io. A moon of Jupiter. One of the first NX warp tests in the 2140s catastrophically failed near Io.
J is for Janus VI. Homeworld of the Horta.
K is for Klaang. He was the Klingon who crash landed near Broken Bow, Oklahoma and made official first contact with Earth humans.
L is for Lycosa Tarantula. Obrien kept one as a pet.
M is for Minshara, or M-, class planets.
N is for Neural Parasites. They don't even look real!
O is for Omega particle, the closest thing to a god the Borg have.
P is for Pollux IV, the idyllic class-M world where the extraterrestrial being known to ancient Earth Greeks as the god Apollo lived and awaited humans traveling through the stars.
Q is for Quiet. First season Picard preferred things quiet and uninterupted by children.
R is for Reliant. A late 23rd century Federation starship hijacked by a vengeful Khan Noonien Singh and his surviving Augment followers.
S is for Sela, a half-human, half-romulan who's mother exists twice in the same universe.
T is for Talarians. The Federation fought a war with them in the 2350s and was still on uneasy terms with them during Picard's captaincy of the Enterprise-D.
U is for universal translator, a device that translates everything into the listener's native tongue except for when Picard swears in French.
V is for V'Ger. In 2273 it almost destroyed all carbon-based life on Earth while looking for its Creator.
W is for Wesley Crusher, a boy wonder who was the only child ever allowed to step foot on Picard's bridge.
X is for XO. Riker's job on the Enterprise-D.
Y is for You. You love almost everything about Star Trek and you know it.
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