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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

Then we can have my best dream ever come true... Adam West staring in the Dark Knight returns.

Arrow's producer's chose noir over camp, but that doesn't mean that 40 years ago everything wasn't super camp as Batman man saved the day.

Noir meets camp.


Besides, that would mean Xombie puppet Reagan with luther's hand up his ass telling Superman to rip Olivers Arm off if he won't retire and let the the world become dreadfully ordinary.

Can't you imagine Welling ripping this new kid's arm off because he won't get with the program? Or would it be more realistic, and affordable to link theis new series with the Superboy (live action) TV Series than Smallville?

(Dark Knight returns, it's been in your public library for the last 25 years. 60 year old Bruce Wayne comes out of retirement... They made a cartoon movie of it recently if you're too good for comic books.)

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