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Re: James Bond 50th Anniversary Blu-ray Set

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"Unedited" version of Casino Royale?
I read a few reviews of Bond 50 and a number of people were complaining that only the UK set had a longer uncut version. I looked into it further and apparently the movie had parts cut out in various markets due to the graphic nature of the scenes, but there was a British TV edit that put back most or all of what was taken out. It seems that this version made it to the UK set. The North American set does include deleted scenes as extras though, so maybe what was taken out is there. I haven't looked into that.

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As I understand it the films that were released on Blu Ray a few years ago had their special features updated with the documentaries made into HD and widescreen and given new opening and closing credits to match. The films that are débuting in this set though have only had straight imports of the DVD content.
When I made my post about the bonus material being in standard def, it was because I looked the Gladys Knight and Chris Cornell videos and they didn't look the best. Then I sampled some more of the documentaries after seeing your post, some from the Roger Moore era and some from the Pierce Brosnan era. They looked alright. They were either HD or just looked good with upscaling. Some items are a bit grainy of course, but what can you do with decades old documentary footage that probably wasn't shot well or looked after in the first place.
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