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Re: Constitution, Miranda, and Constelation Class

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All her main systems were still operational.
After Battle of Maxia, or after the repairs effected by Bok? We don't know.
In the dialogue quoted, Riker asks of the Stargazer's former condition "What was Stargazer's condition" rather than what is it's current condition. I take Data's reply as the ship's status when it was abandoned. There were no further dialogue about the Ferengi performing any major repairs on the ship.

Now, it is very possible that Picard's engineering crew and/or damage control crew wasn't that good and told him that the ship couldn't be saved...

OTOH, how many shuttles could the Stargazer hold and would it be enough to carry all the crew? For example, let's say it had a crew of 500. Each shuttle could in an emergency carry 24. That's like 21 shuttles! But what if most of the crew were killed in the attack, including the engineering teams. The number of shuttles needed would be less and it could explain hypothetically why Picard didn't attempt to try to save the ship...

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Another reason why you don't want to leave an intact ship around also so you don't have someone else flying around in it blowing stuff up in the the Federation's name.
If an enemy really wanted to do that, he could always build a Federation starship of his own, like the Romulans did in ENT.
IIRC, didn't the Romulans use a holographic ship to pretend to be a Federation ship? However, in TNG's time it seems pretty easy to spot a faker and it was preferable to have the authentic (stolen) ship make the attack?
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