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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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Actually, I have no idea how the Dominion's trustworthiness came into it.
See post #80. Knight Templar alleged that Sisko had lied to the Prophets to win their support because there was no evidence that the Dominion had any intention of harming Bajor. So KT was assuming the Dominion could be trusted to keep its word.
As a short term thing, yes, the Dom could be trusted. But only because if the Dom had attacked Bajor, the Breen, for example, never would have joined with them. At the time, it served the Dominion's best interests to appear to be trustworthy. Once appearing trustworthy no longer served the Dom's interests, that treaty would go out the window.

Thanks for the reference.

A DEM is a way of solving a problem which comes out of nowhere, using previously unknown characters and a large dose of luck.
Not necessarily characters. It can be an event, an object, a sudden heart attack -- anything that comes out of the blue to solve the problem rather than being a logical outgrowth of the story and characters established so far.
true, character, event etc. Same diff.

The point is that it does not logically follow from what has happened before. Thus, if we can show that the Prophets helping Sisko DOES logically flow from what we know, then it can not be a DEM.

And since the prophets had a plan for Sisko which did not involve him dying in a Dominion attack, and since we know that the Prophets went out of their way to make sure Ben was born and that we saw what their plan was for Ben in the final episode, the prophets helping Ben in SoA is clearly a logical extension of all of that.

So it wasn't a DeM.
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