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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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The answer is YES.

TOS pretty much defined science-fiction.

I love Twilight Zone, but it was anthology and isn't strictly science-fiction.
Science Fiction existed before Star Trek and Star Trek is influence by what came before it. So It hardly defines Science Fiction. SF is much more interesting and varied than Star Trek. (And I say this a long time fan of Star Trek)

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Rick Berman made good Trek and bad Trek, just like Gene did. I'm a TOS die-hard but there is some fun to be had in the spin-offs.
Berman buried ST, which required a reboot (questionable as NuTrek is). Roddenberry cannot be accused of that.
The argument could made that both TMP and TWOK rebooted ST. One could also argue that GR buried ST when he abandoned it in the third season of TOS. Luckily it clawed its way out.
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