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Re: Impact on Star Trek as Disney reboot Star Wars.

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Does anyone really believe it will be done by 2015? It might get pushed back and that might push ST:XIII forward.
They've been considering it in their Schedule since June, and have a Script or Story outline from Lucas, so, they may have already sent it out for treatments. I would imagine Disney might want to Shoot for Christmas Season, unless they have another "more Disney" Big thing they don't want to interfere with, so, that's still 3 years away. Many movies are made well in a 3 year window, that aren't even this far along (Already have the Trilogy mapped out, just need to flesh out the script and realize the Vision visually). Some of this prep work for the Visuals may already be occuring in the effects house. Principal Shooting takes about 6-9 months for a single film, I believe, effects/editing, reshoots, can suck up a year (But effects can start before Principal shooting is done, I think). So, that still leaves a good 6 months for the script, even if they aim for Summer. Definitely, if they can't refine the script in time to make the 2015 deadline, push it back, don't shoot an unpolished script (And don't polish it so much you remove the life from it).

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As a fan of the Star Wars franchise, it's only natural I would condemn any news of future project that will lead to additional Star Wars feature films.
Say what?
Yea, I don't even think looking up each word of it in the dictionary for alternate meanings is going to help me understand that statement.
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