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Re: What did Lucas do?

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Weird thing is, there was something likeable at the core of Frank Burns. Somehow he tapped into a sympathy-for-the-underdog vein. Maybe because Hawkeye et al seemed like the cool kids and Burns was he dweeby outsider.

So maybe if the Jedi have been portrayed as insufferably arrogant, we wold have liked Anakin more. There was certainly a lot of surface evidence of arrogance, but the prequels didn't really follow up that possibility. Lucas never allowed the Jedi to be portrayed in a bad light like that.

And that leads me to another problem - the clones! If the Jedi are supposed to be so good and holy, why are they breeding cannon fodder? They should have shut down the clone factory as soon as they discovered it, as an obvious crime against humanity and all the other species-anity.

If conversely they were faring so badly in the war that they were forced to use cannon fodder, then what does that say for a Republic who can't get its own citizens to fight for it?
When you look at the subtext, the Republic AND the Jedi Order at the time of the Clone Wars were in the last stages of internal decay. The Republic, hopelessly politically corrupt and impotent and the Jedi rapidly losing their ability to connect properly with the Force due to their arrogance and inflexibility.

True, it's portrayed a bit simplistically, but it IS a film franchise based ultimately on Saturday Matinee short subject type storytelling.
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