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Re: star trek into dark ness trailer release date

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I think you’re the one been thin skinned, you’re scared to death that star trek 2013 will suck and also you call my comments foolish. You can’t handle the truth.
serenitytrek1, knock it off.

You've been making quite a few hurried and poorly-considered posts lately, then picking squabbles with people who legitimately criticize your posts for being unclear, garbled, incoherent or simply incorrect. I would very much like not to see any more of that, beginning now.
I find it sad that people call other people comment foolish because it differs from theirs. People always hate to hear the truth sp they mistake the truth for hate, incorrect, lies, incpherent, and garbled. What they like is sweet fluffy stuff where the world says yes to their reason.

star trek 2013 like any film sequel has a 50/50 chance of been good or bad. We fans don’t pray for the movie to be bad but the reality is, there is a possibility that the movie may get bad reviews. So we keep our fingers cross and hope for the best and yes a Trailer might act as a foreshadowing. Green Lantern and Batman and Robin had horrendous trailers and that is what the both movies turned out to be.

That all I am saying. what is so garbled about that.
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