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Re: star trek into dark ness trailer release date

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serenitytrek1 wrote: View Post’re scared to death that star trek 2013 will suck
Nope, sorry. I'm confident that it will be great - no reason at all to think otherwise. I'm looking forward to the movie...and to the trailer, whenever it gets here.

and also you call my comments foolish. You can’t handle the truth.
I call your comments foolish because your comments are foolish. Understand something: you have no truth to impart on events that have not occurred, or on matters of taste. You can only offer an opinion.

If you can't step up your game you'll do well to cool down your overheated rhetoric.

I think you the one acting foolish and quite childish. My god what is with all you die hard fan males. I cant belive many of you are so deluded that you actually think there is not a good chance that star trek 2013 may be a bad film.

As a film fan, I am been realistic. Judging from your comments you seem to be one of those people that could threaten a film critic if they gave trek 2013 a bad review.

I don’t know what is so stupid about saying trek 2013 may be a bad film or may not live up to the first film.

I don’t want that happen at all ...however there is a good chance it might not be as good as the original.that is the way sequels are sometimes but not all the times.

That is the truth.You need to deal with it and stop getting all worked up.

What is rhetoric is too lash out at other people when they say something you don’t want to hear.

Tell me... what will you do if you go on a day before the 2013 film is released and you see the score at 22% rotten out of a 100% .

Will you call the film critics and experts foolish?

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