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Re: What did Lucas do?

Silvercrest wrote: View Post
By contrast, Gollum died saving the world
Let's not forget that Gollum wasn't trying to save anyone when he died.

Silvercrest wrote: View Post
but he had enough depth and characterization that people can still feel sorry for him... more or less...
Depth and characterization? You mean the fact that he had a dark side and a light side?

Temis the Vorta wrote:
Another potentially interesting idea that didn't actually make it into the movies in any real way
If we ignore the places where it did make it into the movies, such as the TPM Coruscant material.

Temis the Vorta wrote:
See how easy it is to come up with alternate approaches that don't result in a muddle?
The approach that was used didn't result in a muddle. It just made Jedi-haters think it had given them ammunition.

Temis the Vorta wrote:
If the Jedi didn't have jurisdiction, they could have walked away and had nothing to do with the clones to avoid becoming morally complicit.
The moral angle might not be quite as cut-and-dried as many seem to think. Refusing the army means losing the war, letting the Republic be split in two.
Just walk away, and there will be an end to the horror.
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