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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

The press release is finally out.

The new features that we didn't already know about are:
1988 On-Air Season Two Promo
Energized! Season Two Tech Update
1988 Reading Rainbow segment with LeVar Burton
2012 Reading Rainbow iTunes Promo
Gag reel, newly recovered from 35mm in the archives

So the 'Q Who' commentary seems to not have made it through. Nice to have another featurette on the restoration process. Hopefully they are anticipating concerns about the different results generated by a new company and from Dan Curry's involvement and will be tackling them head on.

Otherwise, it's as expected. Great to see the Reading Rainbow segment made it. The Webster sequences would have been nice, but if they turned out to be utterly painful we may have regretted ever seeing them...

And who knows what surprises will be in the two-part documentary. Although I'm not complaining at all about this generous array of extras, given the absence of that commentary, I'd be curious to learn from FrontierTrek if this list matches what was expected.
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