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Re: What did Lucas do?

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Well, the idea is that the Jedi are "bad" for accepting the clone army.
Whose idea? I certainly think the Jedi are complicit, but I never saw anything in the movie to convince me that Lucas was making that point.

However, just as we saw in TPM with slavery in Hutt space, the Jedi don't really have the authority to shut down Kamino, at least not by AOTC; that film tells us Kamino isn't in the Republic.
( Also, even if the Republic had rejected the army, the clones were trained for war and could still have ended up being used for their original purpose, but in some other conflict. )
If the Jedi didn't have jurisdiction, they could have walked away and had nothing to do with the clones to avoid becoming morally complicit.

And the issue of what to do humanely with the clones is a completely different story. Maybe the Jedi needed to create a social service organization to help the poor clones. That obviously would have dragged the story way off focus but in that case, why even introduce clones? They existed only because there needed to be a rationalization for The Clone Wars, but there are many other ways to do that.

This is just another example of why the prequels seemed to be first drafts. somebody really needed to sit down and think through the way the clones were being used in the story and come up with better options. Let's see, maybe the Seperatists are the ones making clones as slave labor and the Republic is trying to stop them. The war is over the clones, but they arn't fighting in it. See how easy it is to come up with alternate approaches that don't result in a muddle?

I see no reason to invent rationalizations to defend Lucas' shitty, sloppy writing. i'm certainly not going to waste my time defending it, not when bashing the hell out of it is so much more entertaining.
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