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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

Was bored, so I did a fan-casting for the movie:

Superman - Henry Cavill

No-brainer, really, if you want JL to share a universe with MoS.

Batman - Tahmoh Penikett

With this kind of jaw he has to play a superhero at least once, and he's got the physique and acting chops for the less semi-realistic Batman needed for a JL movie.

Wonder Woman - Morena Baccarin

Yes, she's over thirty, but she's still my favorite candidate for the role, and since this is my wishful thinking, anyway, I say, screw the age limit some have put on WW.

GL John Stewart - Chiwetel Ejiofor

He's just a damned good actor, period.

Flash Barry Allen - Simon Baker

Baker mostly has the likability and the mature lightness associated with Barry.

Aquaman - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

I'm seriously surprised he's not on everybody's list. He's got the looks, the acting abilities and the charisma. What else could anyone ask?

Martian Manhunter - Carel Struycken

At age 64 he might be a bit too old, but dammit, I've yet to find another actor this suited for the character. He's incredibly tall, relatively thin, got the brooding part down, and, seriously, look at him. Just paint him green and give him red lenses, no more make-up needed. And as for the age part, with J'onn's shape-shifting powers, the action would be mostly cgi, anyway.

Despero - Keith David

Yes, I'd pass on Darkseid for the first movie, the JL has more good villains, and Despero is especially interesting with his mind-controlling powers. He's also a galactic emperor, so he could keep all the heroes busy. As for the casting, another no-brainer. David has voiced Despero on the JL cartoon and will reprise the role on Young Justice. He's a great actor with a fantastic voice. Why look anywhere else.

Amanda Waller - Kathy Bates

Waller has to be intimidating, and there's no actress who can do that quite like Bates.
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