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Re: October Challenge: Hostel Defiant Takeover

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Torture porn means that the story is about people being tortured while this is a story about someone waking up in a nightmare, trying to prevent the worst and actually staying true to her oath and principles despite everything. Just because the movie "Hostel" is referenced in the title doesn't make this torture porn. The sub-genre does exist in fan fiction and I've seen stories of that kind (and wish I could unsee/unread them) and I don't really see that here. Such a story wouldn't be PG-13 anyway.
It's clearly torture-porn, I don't see the need to try and defend it or claim it's anything different. The author himself said it's torture-porn.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing as such, but given the topic and the 'Hostel' reference it's pretty obvious that this is meant to be Star Trek meets torture-porn.
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