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To me, the view that there was a compelling need to address TOS vs TMP Klingon foreheads comes from the same place that finding a problem with Chris Pine's eye color comes from.
Or the change of Bewitched's Darren from Dick York to Dick Sargent. I mean, for chrissakes, this was a sitcom about an advertising guy married to a WITCH.
I'm not sure that's the same kind of reaction; in the case of Bewitched, some were fond of York, so the casting change was shocking or upsetting to some, but its still a comedic actor playing a "type." Nothing too drastic. It's not like York was replaced by Lucille Ball dressed as a man.

In ST's case, a major genetic change was made to an entire species with no explanation, so i'm guessing someone in the audience would say something about it, hence any attempts to explain it in Berman period of series.
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