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Ron Moore [snip] read a copy of the aforementioned The Final Reflection, which is what he based the TNG Klingons.
(sigh) If only this had been true.

It is true.
No, it's really not.

The honorable TNG Klingons were developed before Ron Moore ever walked through the door. He didn't submit his first script to TNG until the third season and didn't become a staff writer until close to the end of that season. The honor- and warrior-oriented Klingon culture had been well established by episodes like "A Matter of Honor," "The Emissary," and "Heart of Glory" long before anyone on the TNG staff even knew Moore's name.

Sure, Moore became known as "the Klingon guy" during his tenure, and he may have taken inspiration from The Final Reflection, but he is hardly responsible for the basic Klingon culture that TNG established.
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