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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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This place is supposed to be fun, but hasn't been for a while.
Look at it this way--for any of those fun-killing, anti-TOS members: if any of the Rick Berman shlock was the first televised ST rather than TOS, this thread and board would not exist. Honestly, when TNG turned 20, the mainstream media hardly blinked about it--the opposite reaction to TOS' 20th, where I remember the mainstream coverage, and the screening of full version of "The Cage." That was 1986, a period where all kinds of entertainment diversions had taken center stage (that was the "blockbuster decade"), so ST was not the only game in town, yet TOS' anniversary was well covered news.

I did not see that in TNG's case, and there's no doubt few will pay attention to the 20th of DS9, VOY or ENT, and I think there's a clear reason for that--if anyone cares to admit it.

So, some can take shots at TOS, but that series remains the face of the franchise--nearly 50 years and hundreds of spin-off episodes later. It is a true cultural icon, but who speaks that way about the Rick Berman productions? There's a reason for that as well.
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