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Re: What did Lucas do?

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I enjoyed the progression of Vader from a "whiny teen" to what we saw in the OT. Would it have been better to have Anakin just waiting to turn to Vader? Adds more depth to the character and the OT IMO.
It would have been vastly more interesting if Anakin was far more noble. Falling from a whiny teen who gleefully slaughters and entire group of people (including women and children) to a man who's rules the galaxy with evil isn't much of a fall.

Anakin should have been Jesus! He should have been every that purity, nobleness and the Light Side is. He should have taken the rape and death of his mother with a smile and tried to help the Sand People to make them better. His fall from that to Vader would have been vastly more interesting. Namely the endangerment of his wife and children (who should have been born but very young when Amidala died) being the thing that pushed him over the edge, willing to do ANYTHING to save her, seduced then by the Dark Side.

But, nope, he goes from a whiny bitch teenager who hates sand, to a whiny bitch teenager who slaughters innocents, to a whiny bitch young-adult who stomps and pouts when his superiors tell him no. Yeah, it's SOOOOOO surprising he fell to The Dark Side.
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