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Re: Latest acquisition!

BillJ wrote: View Post
But that's not how you framed the original post. The thread is simply called 'Latest Acquisition' (singular) and no where in the post do you promote it as a place for people to discuss what they've bought...
Well, I did actually sit here pondering what would be a useful, neutral, long-lasting title for the thread that would not be limiting if other people were inspired to add to it. I didn't put the name of the book in the thread title because there were already threads discussing its cover (among other future books) and its spoilerized contents. Frankly, it never occurred to me that I needed to say even more; here's my "Latest acquisition". People adding their own "latest acquisition" seemed an obvious direction people might take.

Pretty embarrassing if I'd said, "Hey everyone, here's a great new idea for a thread, please come and add to it" and no one took up the offer.

So many posts (and PMs) here end up being, "You said way too much" or "You didn't say enough." Sometimes about the same post.

I often post here when a new arrival hits Australia, because people have told me they find it useful to know that a certain book is appearing internationally. This time there wasn't a suitable thread open to share my joy.

Sho wrote: View Post
I propose we stop bickering about intentions and give it a go...
See now you want to stomp all over other people's joy.
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