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Re: life-extension technology in Star Trek (or lack thereof)

"Mark of Gideon" was just plain stupid. After first titpoing around the obvious fact that their entire population is engaged in a tremendous orgy (because, seriously, if nobody on your planet has any privacy at all, that means they're all having sex, giving birth and using the john while elbow to elbow and shoulder to shoulder).

The simplest solution is to put together a military and start a war with somebody. The next simplest solution is to colonize a nearby planet. The next simplest solution is to just get over yourselves and stop having sex in public. And failing all that, natural social evolution would have forced much of the population to either starve to death or resort to cannibalism, or at the very least going crazy and killing each other just to have a tiny bit of privacy; either way, the problem should have resolved itself LONG ago. The fact that it didn't means the entire species is composed of complete morons with no sense of privacy or appropriate conduct and no forethought whatsoever for the consequences of their actions.

So what they do? They go to elaborate lengths to kidnap an alien, construct an equally elaborate facsimile of his starship -- apparently right in the middle of a public place, a few inches from the ongoing orgy -- and try to trick him into giving the president's daughter an STD.

That entire planet is overdue for a darwin award. The Federation should grind them all down and serve them as cheeseburgers.
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