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Re: Dexter and what he does.

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But in the end, how is he really different from the legal system? It finds its evil-doers, it judges them based on their own codes of conduct, and then if deemed unreedemable, they are executed and disposed of.
The inherent barbarism of the death penalty aside, Dexter is different for at least one important reason: he's only one man. In the legal system, a criminal that's to be executed is first given due process, with all the rights accorded to any criminal defendant. There's a trial, legal representation, the whole ball of wax. Dexter doesn't do any of that. It's simply one man deciding who lives and who dies.

Of course the legal/judicial system makes mistakes as well. There have been innocent people convicted and even executed. But that doesn't make Dexter's actions any more justifiable. At least in the system, there are numerous checks and balances put in place to at least TRY to minimize the possibility that innocent people will be executed. Dexter, on the other hand, may claim that he is good, but in the end he is still killing pretty much whoever he wants to. I don't see how that's more laudable than the legal system. It's chaos and disorder.
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