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Re: Power of the Federation

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DSN couldn't have been a watered down nuBSG given that it came out before.

Sure there were some misses in DSN, but DSN had a far greater hit to miss ration than many of the other Trek shows.

Many will argue when DSN is compared against the other Trek shows it was great.
I meant in hindsight with the DS9 NuBSG comparison. Actually Moore worked on both shows and indicated that he felt hindered in DS9 and was able to do the more gritter things in BSG.

Hey, don't read to much into my DS9 criticism MacLeod. I actually agree with you, compared to other TNG shows, it ranks at or near the top. All I am saying its these are the things that held it back from being epic. I pick only because I loved it so. It had the chance to be great, but for the aforementioned reasons it was "solid".
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