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Re: Would Voyager have been better if the ship returned to Earth soone

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I'd have preferred if they left them in the Delta Quadrant.
Being as it is Endgame we're stuck with, then I agree that it would have been a better ending to that particular story.

The way it was written, the most emotionally satisfying decision (for the audience) for the crew to make is to stay behind in order to weaken the Borg. They wouldn't make it home for another 16 years, but it would be the morally corrent choice.

The end of Endgame should have been Admiral Janeway learning the lesson about her crew that she did actually make in the actual episode, and then that should have been it. She could even still sacrifice herself to save them. None of this having their cake and eating it too bull.

Also this way, any scenes set in the future would actually be scenes from the future.
Aren't you just a little bit curious?

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