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Re: Impact on Star Trek as Disney reboot Star Wars.

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Likely to have a bigger impact on Trek on TV. CBS may wait for Disney to produce a series and its critcial/Neilsen reception before investing on weekly Trek again.
I really don't see Disney investing in anything (outside of movies) in a TV series outside of being animated. The movies are just to easy to make huge cash off of with minimal (relative) investment.

An animated series, like the current one, is as usual, a great merchandizing commercial. That said, I actually really like the current series.

Besides, Trek and the Wars are two completely different animals. Star Wars has a mythos that just seems to entice people. And the nostolgia that it envokes has been firmly entrenched into a new generation of fans without even remotely alienating the old generation. I think Disney will respect how powerful a money maker that will be. And releasing movies slowly will certainly entice.

Star Trek is so hit and miss. JJ put together a great story that everyone could appreciate regardless of being a Trek fan, so we were lucky in that regards. I unfortunely can not see any place for a series with Trek either. I just don't know what they can do, and I LOVE Star Trek...

As for the OP title--- It won't be a re-boot like Star Trek, that's for sure. The formula for Star Wars just works too well. It won't be a re-boot at all. It will be a continuing saga.


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