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Re: What did Lucas do?

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And that leads me to another problem - the clones! If the Jedi are supposed to be so good and holy, why are they breeding cannon fodder? They should have shut down the clone factory as soon as they discovered it, as an obvious crime against humanity and all the other species-anity.
Good point, hadn't thought of that.

Although frankly I never cared for ANY part of the clone story, or the "twist" of having them start out as the good guys. It just seemed contrived as hell to me.

And really? The clones in the infamous "Clone Wars" are nothing but some earlier versions of the bumbling stormtroopers from the OT??

Lucas had the opportunity to create a whole new, cool kind of threat for the Jedis to go up against in these movies, but instead he just made them.... a bunch of stormtroopers. Ugh.
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