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Re: What did Lucas do?

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To "ruin" the Star Wars franchise? After seeing all the rage lately, it has made me wonder what was so bad about how he handled the prequels.
And also neutering the fearsomeness of Darth Vader to a whiny teen
I enjoyed the progression of Vader from a "whiny teen" to what we saw in the OT. Would it have been better to have Anakin just waiting to turn to Vader? Adds more depth to the character and the OT IMO.
No, it would have added more depth if he was actually likeable first. The fall of Vader was supposed to be a tragedy. It isn't one if you don't like him in the first place. It's more like, "Fine, good riddance."

Plus it kind of undercuts his redemption in ROTJ. The natural reaction is, "So what if he came back to the side of good? HE'S STILL A JERK!"

Edit: Curses, BillJ beat me to it!
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