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Re: Any old timers still around?

It's a matter of age, I suppose. In my experience days get waaaay shorter when you're getting on in years (nights, too, unfortunately)

Dr Who doesn't air in my country, so I never saw (or read) any. That would explain why we never met. I haven't read any Trek fanfic either yet. Is there an author you would recommend? I'm more into Highlander (series) fanfiction and started to write a story, quite a while ago. Alas, with my recent move and the trouble I had with my old landlady for the last 12 months, I didn't get on with it. I'm trying to introduce a new character and at the same time rewrite the last movie which was utter crap, though the basic idea was actually quite good. Classical case of either bad director or - more likely - too many co-producers/financers blackmailing him into inserting their weird ideas.

@ trekkiedane: LOL I love your wicked sense of humour
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