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Re: What did Lucas do?

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I look forward to the new films, but something seems wrong to me about cranking them out every few years.
Huh? You feel the same way about Star Trek? Eleven feature films, [the 12th on it's way in 2013] and 6 different television shows including a cartoon series - with 4 of the TV shows happening over the course of twenty some odd years [even overlapping at one point] and you don't think that was over kill?

ST IV released in '88

ST V released in '89

ST VI released '91

ST Generations released in '94

ST First Contact released in '96

ST Insurrection released in '98

ST Nemesis released in 2002

If Disney milks wars half as well as Paramount milked Trek they'll get their $4 billion back in merchandizing, film revenue and even possibly TV revenue back 10 fold.

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