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Re: Would Voyager have been better if the ship returned to Earth soone

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But WHY are they still wearing the same clothes as Day One when the ship clearly came with tons of multicoloured quilts that every bed has and when you know there are many many beds unused? Why didn't they make new clothes with the quilts? TWO YEARS in the same clothes!

I agree though fantastic ending and fantastic music. Star Trek would not have been that brave with endings, planned or forced upon them by cancellation. See: TATV.
Oh look, another Fan who thinks TATV was actually the ENT Finale, rather than some Fan Fiction story that made the rounds. Where did this ridiculous myth come from?

I think Voyager Finale should've been a two parter. The Penultimate episode, should've been an hour long, and gotten them halfway through the final Getting Home story. Then the following week, the Finale, should've been a 2 hour episode, half of it to finish out the arc, and the other half of it, to see what became of the crew after returning home. I don't believe they would've ever risked typing up the arc, and then following the next week with "What became of the crew" episode. Going like that, probably would've had the ratings really in the toilet for that final episode.

Definitely, it would've been a bad idea, IMHO, to bring Voyager home before the last few episodes.
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