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Re: Who should be the Director for Star Wars Episode 7?

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Anyone but Joss Whedon.

Star Wars can be witty and funny, but only within the parameters of its own universe and only as much as the characters allow.

Whedon would make every character so damn witty. Not to mention a list of other problems with his style that conflict with Star Wars.
Yes, it would be horribly conflicting if Star Wars was stuck with a director of a critically acclaimed $1.5 billion dollar grossing ensemble scifi adventure film who is a lifelong fan of the franchise and has previous experience making a show that was basically Tales of the Millennium Falcon.

The characters in Star Wars were cracking wise to each other all the time. There's nothing conflicting in tone between Whedon's dialogue and the OT, and he's perfectly capable of writing serious dialogue when it's called for.
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