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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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We all agree, then. The Bajorans would've been slaughtered by the Dominion eventually. To survive, they would've had to be willing to kneel before new overlords, and who thinks that would've been done easily and quietly?
With people like Kai Winn running things? She'd do what she needed to to stay on top.
Absolutely she would. But her authority would be eroded by the Dominion gradually, while the rest of the Bajorans would start ignoring her "authority".

The problem with the Dominion, and it's one of their strengths, is that they can appear reasonable and nonthreatening if they want to. Weyoun especially had the knack for appearing as a reasonable person, but could quickly switch to threatening when he wanted. They could convince the Bajorans that being under the Dominion's control wouldn't be any worse than being under the Federation's control, and infinitely better than being under the Cardassian's control. But for how long? A few years? The Bajorans fought a guerrilla war against the Cardassians for decades. Why would they do any less against the Dominion?
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