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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Glad to see you're back! I haven't been around much either; RL (work) was pretty toxic the last few weeks.

Basics is one of my favourites. Brad Dourif -- aka Gimli Wormtongue in Lord of the Ring -- does a fabulous job, especially when he must kill again. Great moment, great casting. (But just wait until Joel Grey shows up and shows everyone around him what an Oscar winner can do!)

As a die-hard Tom Paris fan, of course, I find much to love in this. Tom doing his Top Gun number ("I don't have time for this!"), rallying a fleet, and coming up with the strategy to retake the ship -- this is the episode why I have him going into senior command in my post-Endgame fan fiction.

Incidentally, I wrote a little episode tag to Basics at the request of a friend of mine; it's called "When the Hurly Burly's Done" and you can find it by clicking on the link in my signature.
Paris was exceptionally good in this episdoe! Love the Top Gun comparison!
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