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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Resurrection (**)

When I said in the previous review that I'm glad this family of characters is back together again, what I meant is that I'm glad they're back together so they can work on kicking the Dominion's ass back to the Gamma Quadrant, not that I'm glad they're back together so that we can get a season 3 episode. Because that's what Resurrection should have been, a late season 3/early season 4 episode. An episode dealing with Kira's feelings of loss over Bareil doesn't work in season 6, and it especially doesn't work as the first non-arc episode of the season. Poor timing all around.

I really liked Crossover, largely because of the Kira/μKira dynamic, as well as the fact that the episode had a fantastically eerie atmosphere. I was considerably less enthralled by Through the Looking Glass and Shattered Mirror because of their focus on comic-book action and not the more interesting consequences of travelling to a mirror universe. To Resurrection's credit, it actually does focus on the latter, μBareil's existential crisis from learning about the life of Vedek Bareil is something that I can easily imagining happening to a lot of us if we learned about our mirror selves, especially if they happened to be a better person than we are. The episode also finally brings Kira and μKira back together, although their interactions here are not nearly as interesting as those in Crossover were.

The main problem with this episode is that it has no soul to it and the result is a very predicable episode. From the moment μBareil showed up, it was almost inevitable that he and Kira would end up in bed together, and it was pretty obvious from the moment that μKira showed up that μBareil would betray her because of his growing conscience. Nothing truly unexpected happened, it's a very by-the-numbers story about redemption that ends without any consequences and can be easily forgotten. After the excitement and the daring of the occupation arc, this comes across as an extremely safe episode. It's not a bad episode, but it's unbecoming of the new DS9.
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