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Re: Star Trek: Phase II releases a trailer for "Origins:The Protracted

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I like the new style and tone of the previews, but I still can't get my head around this new Kirk. He just doesn't have the right screen presence.
James Cawley continues as Captain Kirk in our yet-to-be finished episodes "Kitumba," and "Origins: The Protracted Man." He might also be in "Mind-Sifter." So much (but not all) of the Kirk scenes remain unshot. We might continue with James for "Mind-Sifter;" but maybe we'll get Brian Gross to play Kirk for that episode. In the meantime, Brian Gross plays Kirk in the unfinished "Bread and Savagery" and in the vignette "Going Boldly."

Note: Matthew Ewald plays the young Cadet James T. Kirk in the flashback scenes in "Origins: The Protracted Man." (Well, actually most of that episode is a flashback.)
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