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Re: Would Voyager have been better if the ship returned to Earth soone

No, Voyager should not have gotten home earlier to tell us what happened after the Dominion war. That's DS9's plot, maybe they should have ended the war a season or two sooner and told that on DS9.

Voyager shouldn't have stuck to the one season = one year formula. I'd have liked them to skip further and further forward as the show went on, like "Year of Hell" - but I guess that'd have meant more story arcs and eventually aging the actors would have violated Voyager's network-mandated "stand alone episodes we can show in whatever order we want and not leave viewers confused" rule.

Dukhat wrote:
IMHO, they should never have returned to Earth (at least not the silly way they did). The ship should have been lost and no one should ever have found out what happened to it.
Stargate Universe ended like that. Although it was dictated by cancellation and not the finale they were hoping for, I thought it was fantastic.
(then again, Voyager would never have had the fantastic, evocative music which made the ending so special)
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