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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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I thought Harris and Whishaw were great, and I've always been a big fan of Finnes...have to say, when he ducked and grabbed the gun did anyone else wish we'd got to see Finnes' take on 007? He is only 5 years older than DC after all![/SPOILER]
I've heard that he got an audition to replace Dalton and that Eon were initially keen but that he wanted to play the role as a cold-blooded killer, much like Dalton or, well, Craig. Ahead of his time, basically. He could probably still get away with it, but he'd probably need to do a Connery and get a toupee.

I really enjoyed the movie, even if the 'Best Bond ever' reviews do now seem a little over-stated. Like Judge Death I'd need to see it again to say where it fits.

Not to sound negative, but it's easier to list the things I didn't like than the ones I did like (of which there were many). They were mainly humour-derived. I actually do think that Craig has a good sardonic delivery which was used to good effect in CR. But man oh man, not even Eddie Murphy in his heyday could have made me laugh with the weak quips penned for DC this time out. Instantly forgettable. And when Bond jumped on the back of the departing tube train, I remember thinking "Please don't let the old couple on the platform say anything 'funny,'" But, no, someone had to say 'He's in a hurry to get home!' in a Cockney accent, like something from a Moore movie. Hilarious. Not. And Bond's follow-up line to the conductor was just as cringeworthy.

I like Ben Whishaw as an actor but while Q should be played a little tongue in cheek, all in all he was way too reminiscent of Moss from The IT Crowd. Tone it down next time out folks.

But these should be seen as minor quibbles when offset against not only Craig's strongest performance as Bond but easily Judi Dench's best one as M; it was almost a co-headlining role which she ate up. I thought her death was genuinely moving and you really felt the connection between the two. Bardem was great fun, mixing camp, menace and poignancy, the action sequences were fantastic, the cinematography was brilliant and it was lovely to see the Aston Martin onscreen (you fucker Silva, how could you?!). Not forgetting a nice supporting turn from Albert Finney (I wonder if they ever offered that role to Connery?!).

The end action sequence was very un-Bondian and all the better for that - almost like something from a Lee Child novel, while the final scenes with the new M and Moneypenny (the, er, Penny, dropped with me a few minutes before he asked her her name) set us up beautifully for the next outings.

James Bond WILL return. Just don't leave it so long folks!
I think Finnes wouldn't have had the predatory, animalistic nature of Craig, but he'd do seething resentment and sheer cold bloodedness as well as either Craig or Dalton. Ah well he's M now, and one hopes this is a long term thing, be nice if he stays M even when Craig's replaced (hopefully not just yet).

I didn't mind Bond's "Health and Safety" line, but yeah the couple on the platform were a bit Roger Moore, but given I'm quite a fan of a lot of Moore films this didn't bother me too much

Saw this again last night and, if anything, I enjoyed it more. I rated it A originally, but I really wish I'd waited a bit cos I think it does just sneak an A+. Silva's plan is still ridiculous but it bothered me less, and I found I enjoyed the finale more second time around. It is very atypical, but that isn't a bad thing. Funnily enough Mark Kermode said in his review that Bond turns into Straw Dogs, which asmused me because that's exactly what I thought the first time I saw it. It is a nice inversion of the usual ending, this is Bond's secret lair rather than the villain's.

This time I went with a friend who's heavily into IT, and specifically IT security, he was not impressed with Q's security procedures! He made the point about Q being quite Moss like as well, though he's less of a high functioning aspergic than Moss often appears to be.

This is definitely in contention for film of the year for me now, with this The Avengers and The Artist the top three, and yet another film that kicks the Dark Knight Rises further down my list I think.
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