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Re: James Bond 50th Anniversary Blu-ray Set

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In fact, I'm wondering if they'll make a Bond 50 disk for Skyfall. I doubt it, but who knows.
All they need to do is make the front of the disc match really, the rest of the Skyfall box doesn't matter so hopefully this fairly small step will be taken.

The menus weren't created especially for this set by the by, they're reused from the 2006 DVD's (though this is the first time [i}Casino Royale[/i] gets one. Apparently because they had to repress it anyway due to including most of the stuff from the two disc Blu Ray. Shame Quantum didn't get similar treatment).

The set is loaded with other bonus material though, supposedly 119 hours worth, and what little I've seen is in standard definition.
As I understand it the films that were released on Blu Ray a few years ago had their special features updated with the documentaries made into HD and widescreen and given new opening and closing credits to match. The films that are débuting in this set though have only had straight imports of the DVD content.

The "Inside" docuemntaries are all very good and well made (especially for the late '90's, I think Bond was the franchise to push the boat out on special features for every film in the series) with lovely old Patrick Macnee narrating.

Oh, and b warned. Sir Roger's face in A View To A Kill in HD is scary as hell. He looks like one of those toffee coloured thousand year old corpses that get dug out of a peat bog every so often.
Goldbug gets that crushing feeling in my look at Toy Soldiers! Part 1!
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