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Re: star trek into dark ness trailer release date

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My gosh, if you can’t grasp the fact that some films will be terrible based on the trailer then maybe you should stop commenting.
If you can't stop being so thin skinned when people point out some of the foolish statements you make then you should definitely stop commenting.

Not everyone disliked the Green Lantern trailer - the second one was quite popular, and many of us enjoyed the movie quite a bit as well.

You really haven't made a valid point yet in this topic with all this trailer nonsense, so you might as well move on to another tack.
I think you’re the one been thin skinned, you’re scared to death that star trek 2013 will suck and also you call my comments foolish. You can’t handle the truth.

Thing is, I was talking of the first green lantern trailer and not the second one. The second one was much better but sill not great.

Bottom line is a lot of DC fans feared for the worst when they watched the trailers and they were right. The movie was terrible and was a failure both critically and commercially.

Now do I think Trek 2013 will suffer the same fate? NO I DONT.

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