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Re: Would Voyager have been better if the ship returned to Earth soone

Seven of Five wrote: View Post
I always wondered about getting the crew home just before the last episode, and then have the finale set a year or so later. I'm thinking it would be a partial epilogue, but could also involve the Voyager crew needing to reunite to help Earth against some Delta Quadrant foe they have experience against. Not necessarily the Borg either.
After discovering the crew really didn't like Leola root stew, Neelix leads an invasion force to the Alpha Quadrant to avenge his honor.

Dukhat wrote:
IMHO, they should never have returned to Earth (at least not the silly way they did). The ship should have been lost and no one should ever have found out what happened to it.
Or they find an Earth that is NOTHING like they remember... maybe Admiral Janeway's time travel shenanigans (or Voyager's, for going along with it) really screwed up everything.

After all, the series premise is that they're trying to go back to Earth. It never promised which Earth.
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