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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

168. The Facts of Life (C)

The Facts of Life: Lucille Ball followed the end of the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (and her marriage to Desi Arnaz) with this film, an alleged romantic comedy that is at best mildly amusing and at worst much closer to a Douglas Sirk-directed melodrama (before he went to color). Visually, its almost an example of film noir, and Lucy's flashback narration does little to dissuade this reading. Made in 1960, the two lead characters (Lucille Ball and Bob Hope; they have a bit of an affair, although circumstances prevent it from becoming sexual) eventually decide to go back to their spouses, even though one is married to a compulsive gambler who has shown no interest in his wife and the other is married to a wife who completely ignores him. The final scenes, of course, reverse these character's attitudes, if for no other reason than the production code's dictate that the nuclear family must be happy and stable.

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