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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Okay I know you've all been dying to know who I've fallen in love with and I won't drag out the suspense any longer.

Past and Present:

I was SMITTEN. Smitten and confused because she sure does look like someone I once knew though I can't recall who it is. That perky yet not little nose, the big eyes, the mop of curly blonde hair (not usually my thing at all), the CHEEKBONES and the cleft in her chin. What a completely surprising and wonderful package.

Too bad she's a Destroyer of Worlds eh? Of course they say bad things about Lady Sylvanas too, what the heck do they know (they being, not me).

Oh and as to the episode, it was great. I was soooo glad that when they gave them the reverse amnesia drug they didn't shrivel into old people on the bed, I was waiting for that silliness and it did not come. Yay!

Also yay, Daniel is back on the market and seemingly over being a widower in like five minutes. Oh he gave Sha're's death some lipservice but this only served to make him more attractive, suffering boy that he is. And then they kissed yadda yadda.

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