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Re: "The Three Saaviks"

alpha_leonis wrote: View Post
why did Kim Cattrall have to be cast in the first place?
Nick Meyer's first choice for ST II.

why not Robin Curtis? Was she unavailable? It's not like she'd retired from acting by then; she even came back to play another character on TNG at about the same time.
According to an interview in "Starlog", her agent was never even approached for negotiations on ST VI. The first they knew of ST VI was hearing the announcements of casting in the media. Meyer wanted Kirstie Alley to reprise, and showed no interest in Curtis whatsoever. He pursued Cattrall instead, but she rejected the role... until it became a new character. She even suggested Eris as the character's name. Meyer added the Val' prefix and it appears that was in the Premiere commercial version of the script (but the apostrophe in "Val'eris" vanished for publicity releases and the novelization).

Dukhat wrote: View Post
Yep, I heard that Denny Martin Flynn (or whoever the director was)...
Flinn was the screenwriter.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
I agree, but can't blame Cattrall for not wanting to be Saavik #3--if that was indeed her call.
I know there were interviews at the time. She kept turning it down. She eventually got to design the character's severe hairstyle and even her hairband.

t_smitts wrote: View Post
I don't know who was responsible, and, honestly, I doubt we will ever conclusively know.
Of course we do. Roddenberry was quoted as not liking the idea of a traitorous Saavik because she was supposedly "a beloved character" - but then, Roddenberry came to dislike the idea of any latter day Starfleet characters turning traitorous - and Meyer laughs about this objection in the ST VI commentary because he says that Roddenberry originally opposed the introduction of Saavik in ST II; Saavik was a creation of Meyer's and he reckoned he had a right to turn her into a traitor. She was originally "Dr Savik", a young male Vulcan in a very different ST II movie premise, and fills a similar role to Roddenberry's Xon ("Phase II") and Livingston's Sonak (TMP).
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