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Re: Would Voyager have been better if the ship returned to Earth soone

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Plus I think the Delta Quadrant is kinda boring.
It was only as boring as the writers and producers made it. That was the whole point of putting the ship in the Delta Quadrant in the first place; to be able to tell new fresh stories in a new area of space.

If the writing was fresh and unorthodox and the stories were interesting, it could have been the best Trek show ever restrictions at all. There was some of that at the very beginning with Chakotay and his spirit guide and vision quests.

But they decided to make it a "Starfleet" ship just like the Enterprise-D we saw for seven years. They decided to create adversaries that were basically just Klingons by any other name. They decided to go with the alien of the week + we need to get back to Earth + I'm the female captain and you do what I say shtick, when they could have done so much more.

IMHO, they should never have returned to Earth (at least not the silly way they did). The ship should have been lost and no one should ever have found out what happened to it.
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