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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

I would love to see Luke in the mentor role, but more as Yoda was. I don't care to see Lea and honestly, unless they do the character right, I don't care to see Han. I love Harrison Ford, but I just can't envision an old Han Solo and Carrie Fisher, ugh. I do think that there should be more than just the Jedi as the good guys. The one thing that concerns me is how many times can the galaxy be in peril or the force out of balance? I think a struggle to hold the alliance together or a Jedi civil war could work as the sequel saga. The think that really needs to happen is a completion of the Skywalker legacy and a passing of the torch. Luke should definitely play the mentor to the person he thinks should be his successor and there should be some kind of internal struggle. Perhaps even Luke has a conflict because he's old and the Dark side is harder to resist. There's so many directions you could take it. You could have an entire group of people who hate the New Republic or even the Jedi and blame them for the Empire. There's a gold mine to be tapped and I'm really feeling hopeful that they will not focus on CGI and Gungans, but story. I even wouldn't mind seeing Force Ghost Ewan Mcgregor, but I'd rather Luke say something like eventually the ghosts fade away, just so we don't have a bunch of Force Ghosts giving Luke advice and still trying to run the show. They could also ignore the medichlorians by making it where some people are just chosen by the force or just continue to say, " the force is strong with this one." No need to even mention medichlorians. Anyway, we got a couple of years to discuss all of that. This is huge news.
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