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Re: Who should be the Director for Star Wars Episode 7?

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I went with Brad Bird, John Carter was very Star Warsy
That's Andrew Stanton.

Who I can't imagine is the guy Disney is offering any plum assignments to right now.

Brad Bird would be good though... I guess I just have reservations about crossing over from animation. Bird has done some amazing movies, but his really good ones were animated - Ghost Protocol was quite good but not exactly The Incredibles. But then maybe with Star Wars and without Cruise he'd have more creative control and take stuff in a more interesting direction so who knows.
Oops my bad, I always get them confused. But he's still done some good stuff, so I wouldn't be totally against it.
As for Stanton, I stand by that vote, even though I got the names confused. I don't care how badly John Carter did at the box office, I still really enjoyed it. I remember several people calling it a better Star Wars movie than the prequels after it came out.
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