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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

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I'll ask this question again: why would Disney now owning Lucasfilm suddenly mean a change in either the overall creative direction of the SW franchise or in the way SW is/has been distributed? As myself and one other person have already said, Lucasfilm will remain an autonomous entity, albeit under the broader Disney Corporation umbrella, and if Disney didn't insist that all of its 'in-house' Marvel Comics productions be produced/distributed under the Walt Disney Pictures banner (which is only one of several studio labels under its umbrella [see below for the full list]), why would it do so for the SW films?

If Lucas and others insist on sticking with decades-old tradition, distributing the film through Fox and keeping the iconic 20th Century Fox logo and fanfare at the start of the new films then Disney won't lose a wink of sleep nor a dime over it. They don't suddenly stop owning or making money off of the franchise because they don't slap that Disneyland logo at the start of each film of the third Trilogy.

Just because someone can come up with a cool new opening doesn't mean they have to, and knowing the control freak that Lucas is he'll likely make sure the films remain distributed through Fox if he and his inner circle at Lucasfilm have any say about their own creation.
It's also worth noting that despite Disney buying Marvel, The Avengers opened with the Paramount mountain and the trailer for Iron Man 3 shows the same.
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