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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

119. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (A-)

A notable improvement for the third installment. The biggest strength is clearly the improvement of the supporting cast, with returning figures from the first film (Rhys Davies and Elliot) and added Sean Connery. There are quite a few highly engaging setpieces, beginning with the origins of the young Indiana, and Indy's relationship with his father brings a little emotion to the proceedings that was absent last time. At the same time, it's not without flaws; it hews quite closely to the plot beats of the first film in a lot of ways, and the climax replicates so many beats as to come across as too much of a copy. It's also rather abruptly staged at a number of points, robbing some moments of weight. All the same, it's highly enjoyable.

Next day, a hiatus for a Halloween double-bill, and then on Thursday we'll take a look at the controversial Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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87. Skyline: F
I read that as Skyfall at first, and was thinking "really, an F?"
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